CASE STUDY: Floating Festival of Sustainability

Solare worked closely with World Money Gallery, a ‘no borders, art with purpose’ community art space that fosters unity between different beliefs and experiences through art, to curate a dynamic group of artists for the innovation lounge at the Peace Boat US Floating Festival of Sustainability.

This exhibit explored the connection between gender and climate action. Climate change and gender are closely intertwined and through the works of female artists across the world we explore this theme. Global warming disproportionately affects the world’s poorest, the majority of whom are women.

The works we curated reminds us of our interdependence with our natural environment and offer a glimpse into the personal stories of women who are adapting to climate change and are making strides for gender equity.

Artists Included: Virginia WagerKIOO Project,  Alex Valls, Kat Hooper and Jarid Blue, and a performance art piece by Leticia Sampedro and Amanda Wallace.