angela del sol, founder

Inspired by her experiences traveling the globe, Angela founded Solare Creative, a new-age agency by and for the global generation that cares for experiences and legacy. A dreamer and a seeker at heart, Angela del Sol likes to make the improbable happen and create one-of-a-kind happenings while bridging cultural gaps. The Colombian native, studied at American University in Washington, DC where she obtained a degree in Public Communications with a focus in International Relations. 

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Sonaly Verma, Advisor

Born and raised in New York City, Sonaly adapted her grit for business early. She studied science academically, but naturally excelled in the realm of building relationships and developing companies. After undergrad, Sonaly moved to Manhattan and worked professionally in finance. Her network quickly multiplied and she found herself advising startup founders on operations and business. In 2015 she started her own business development firm, Emory Stone Group, and started consulting full time. Today she resides in Miami and advises on meaningful projects while working closely with an investment bank in New York. Sonaly is passionate about materializing her vision and enjoying the simple moments in life. 


KYLE CALIAN, Consultant

Kyle is passionate about the intersection between design and nature. With a MFA in Design for Social Innovation from SVA and a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Graphic Design from American University, he has been finding innovative ways to use design as a tool to find sustainable solutions. Through deep research and innovative thinking, Kyle continues to distill complex problems and find tangible solutions. His expertise includes graphic design, systems and regenerative thinking, as well as user experience and photography. 

Check out Kyle's magazine "The Regeneration Mag"