Seriously, what is cryptocurrency and why should you care?

Simply put, when you purchase cryptocurrencies you are you are buying tech stock, a piece of the blockchain and a part of the network. What’s novel about cryptocurrency is there is no New York Nasdaq or Stock Exchange in the middle, setting rules. You set the rules.

Behind every blockchain technology lie encryption techniques that make digital currencies possible. Blockchains create shared public records of every transaction ever made, built on reliability and accuracy — a far cry from today’s financial institutions (ahhh hmmm Wells Fargo scandal).

Cryptocurrency is the real Occupy Wall Street and by investing you are a part of the revolution.

So just exactly how are people making money off of these digital currencies? Initial Coin Offerings or ICO’s are similar to IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), where forward thinking crypto focused entrepreneurs are raising capital for their companies. The only difference between ICO and IPO is company “shares” come in the form of cryptocurrency tokens.

The ICO market is red hot right now. In 2017, there have been over 92 ICO launches and collectively they have raised more than $1.7 billion, according to CoinDesk.

The value of cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin have skyrocketed since the start, making them an ideal investment, even for the early skeptics. Bitcoin was valued at just $0.07 in 2010 and is now worth $4,800 per coin!

But, in a male dominated industry, only a handful of powerful females are disrupting the space. It’s vital that more women take the plunge and start investing — women have a significant and unique power as entrepreneurs and investors.

Female founders contribute some of the most eye-popping stats around growth in revenue and financial efficiency. A study done by hedge-fund researcher Karen Rubin found that female CEOs outperform males 3 to 1 in the S&P 500, Rubin also found that women CEOs produced equity returns 226% better than the S&P 500 over a 12 year period.

What’s more, women earn higher returns. Fidelity Investments released an analysis earlier this year showing, on average, women perform better than men when it comes to investing by 0.4 percent. Although this percentage may seem small — over time it adds up.

Women bring the potential for a rich, diverse community of stakeholders who are pragmatic and proactive in approach. But often times lack of exposure leads to lack of understanding, and with the spread of alternative facts online, it can daunting to even think about diving into blockchain.

Bitcoin has grown into a technology, a currency, and more importantly a community of pioneers who see the power in decentralized investing. There’s a huge sea of unknowns here, but the risk is worth the reward.