Story behind Solare

After a big wake up call a year ago, I decided to lean in towards my fear, jump in the abyss and start my own business, Solare. 

I’ve been swimming ever since and staying above the water. Learning how to ride the waves!

The word Solare is derived from the Italian verb Asolare which means gentle breeze and the intangible beauty found in nature. Think of watching a sunset or the pleasure that comes from taking an aimless walk. The little sweet moments that make the human experience magic, that’s what’s Asolare!

I believe we have stopped appreciating the process when it come to creation and this pressure is exhausting the base of our chains, the little bees that keep the hive alive! Our employees. We focus too much on sprinting to a never reaching end line without questioning WHY we are running in the first place.

My intention with Solare is to disrupt the way we do marketing by doing work from the heart and holistically again. We want to peel the onion and connect with WHY we do what we do and think long term.

Solare is composed of a network of the brightest thinkers and doers that work from a space where they only give their highest contribution because of their alignment with their original fire. Our focus on this phase is to define and examine our value system and grow strong and slowly by working with clients whose mission resonate with ours.

We want the bees of the Solare hive to shine bright. Because after all, the rainbow is not a rainbow if any color is tuned out. I believe if you are engaged and curious into whatever task you are doing, you will excel at it because you are running on currency that’s precious, passion!At Solare* we want to nurture the fire of employees and clients alike.

All creative at Solare is framed by our understanding of the cultural currents that shape our generations relationships with the brands, and create the best solutions and unforgettable experiences.We believe that brands must think and act holistically across touch points to drive authenticity and value. For the same reason, Solare focuses on the intersection of technology, art and sustainability, and co-create with brands that align with the company’s values of aligning profit and purpose.

If the our mission resonates with you, please shoot us an email to and and share with us your hopes and dreams. Let us know how we can help you.

Lastly, follow our visual journey @solarecreative and get your creative juice flowing TODAY with these vibey tunes on Spotify. 

With gratitude,

Angela del Sol