Artist and innovator Olafur Eliasson created Little Sun with the goal to inspire artists to use their talents and design to create a positive impact in the world. Launched at the London’s Tate Modern, Little Sun’s seeks to bring light to 1.1 billion people who live without access to electricity. 

We believe that together we can connect the power of the sun and transition out of fossil fuels. In 2017 we organized a #ConnectedByTheSun tour to the biggest gatherings of the summer, Oregon Eclipse where 50,000 thousand gathered to witness a total solar eclipse, and Burning Man. 

We used these platforms to engage in discussions about the impact of our daily actions have on our environment, and empower change-makers to make win-win decisions by supporting solar power. 

Right after the devastating hurricane Maria, we put on our connecting hats and with the help of Kargoe Care, we organized a mission to Puerto Rico to show you the human side of a crisis caused by global warming. 

Little Sun is a small example of a micro action that contributes to a macro solution. When you buy one lamp, Little Sun works with local organizations to bring electricity to some off the grid. These Little Suns makes it possible for children to study after dark, so they are more likely to complete their education. 

One conscious purchase can change someone's life! Have you gotten yours yet?